Elizabeth Shewark Ph.D.

Elizabeth Shewark, Ph.D.

Elizabeth received her PhD in Developmental Psychology from PSU under the mentorship of Dr. Jenae Neiderhiser. She earned her BS in psychology, summa cum laude, from the University of Mary Washington and attained her MA in Applied Developmental Psychology from George Mason University (GMU) under the mentorship of Dr. Susanne Denham.

Elizabeth worked with Drs. Jenae Neiderhiser and Kristin Buss examining the development of children’s social and emotional competency, within the context of the family and schools using a behavioral genetics framework. More specifically, she examined the role of the child in the family and classroom contexts, and the mechanisms by which children impact and are impacted by their relationships via gene-environment interplay and subsequently impact later child adjustment. Elizabeth is also particularly interested in using advanced methodology and statistical techniques to further understand interpersonal relationships and children’s social and emotional development.

She received an F32 and is now working with Dr. S. Alexandra Burt at Michigan State University.

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Michigan State University