Undergraduate students

We are looking for students who want to work with the Early Growth and Development Study or Pennsylvania Twins Study.

Do you want to work in a medical field? Get experience with medical records?

Join our coding team!!!

The Early Growth and Development Study is coding mother's prenatal and delivery records and child medical records.

Your job:

  • Organizing
  • De-identifying
  • Opportunities for data management, analysis, and literature reviews


Do you want research experience? Learn more about twin studies?

The Pennsylvania Twin Study is currently recruiting families to participate in a survey-based study.

Your job:

  • Recruit families of twins
  • Data entry and management


  • Requirements for our projects:
    • Must be able to work 10 hours/week
    • GPA over 3.0 (desirable)
    • 2 semester commitment
  • Receive course credit (400 level)

If you would like to join our lab, please fill out the application

If you would like additional information please contact our lab manager (814-867-2439) or email .

Graduate Student

We are seeking highly motivated students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. involving behavioral genetics methods on child development.

Learn more about the department.