Undergraduate students

Do you want to work in a medical field?

Do you want to get experience with medical records?

Join our coding team!!!

The Early Growth and Development Study is coding mother's prenatal and delivery records and child medical records.

Your job:

  • Organizing
  • De-identifying
  • Opportunities for data management, analysis, and literature reviews
  • Requirements:
    • Must be able to work 10 hours/week
    • GPA over 3.0 (desirable)
    • 2 semester commitment
  • Receive course credit (400 level)

If you would like to join our lab, please fill out the application

(send this to Allison Mitchell when the student completes)
If you would like additional information please contact our lab manager (phone #) or email .

Graduate Student

We are seeking highly motivated students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. involving behavioral genetics methods on child development.

Learn more about the department.